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AI can be used in several ways in the UW process to make more agile and efficient decisions. From legitimizing a new customer who applies for credit, to choosing a suitable credit product or optimizing the credit check – the scope of smart data analytics in the credit sector is wide.


Work Smarter

By incorporating AI and ML into your UW process, your hardest worker is the one you plug into the wall. Run background checks, fraud detection, and determine credit risk as the application information is gathered. Score a deal without the need to use paper or excel documents.


Decision Apps 24x7

Whether an app is submitted at 11am in the morning, or 11pm at night, the AI in place can automatically reach out to the customer and request documents, verify background, and further complete the application with zero intervention from a live person.


Pick the Winners from the Losers

ML algorithms are trained using your historical experience. Don’t spend hours looking at ratios and graphs. Gather, cleanse, and feed your data into a our ML platform and get a customized and optimized score to use in your UW. Harness the power of your data and put it to work for you.


Control Credit Risk with Every App

Automatically track completed and outstanding stipulations for all incoming applications. Directly communicate with the customer to clear requirements and highlight exceptions to your UW policy. Enforce rules and prevent cracks in process which translate into portofolio losses.


Visualize the Results

AI and ML are part of our AMS Analytics platform. When you introduce AI into your operations, our AMS Analytics reports will give you access to regularly monitor the results to ensure no unexpected deviations occur. Have the facts at your fingertips.

AMS Analytics Expertise


Fully Configurable Underwriting Workflow

With our LOS, we can rapidly customize the online portal to meet your current UW Workflow’s needs and requirements. Quickly move from your paper environemnt onto the online portal to gain efficiencies and lose nothing in the process,

Fast Implementation

Most online software and solutions require weeks of setup time and configuration. Our team can have you up and running on the LOS within a matter of days. A quick 30-minute introductory call to review requirements answers most questions.

UW Program Manager

Don’t leave your front door open to deals with questionable completeness and quality. Our LOS allows owners to easily monitor the level of completion for each deal processed on our platform.

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